Implant Dentures

implant dentures

Do you have dentures that do not fit properly? Dental Implants can now be used as a fix for loose or ill-fitting dentures.

Many people with dentures struggle to eat with them and keep dentures in their place when they perform simple tasks like speaking. Some go to the extreme of not wearing dentures to eat or only wearing an upper denture.

For our patients, we offer the best solution for this problem. Dental implants are substitutes for missing tooth roots that can have small clips on them to hold dentures in place. With implants holding dentures in place, they do not move when speaking or eating and allow you to chew almost as well as you did with real teeth. The great part it, even as little as 2 implants per jaw can be used to hold dentures in place making this process relatively cost friendly.

Call Dental World Panmure today to ask for a free consultation for dental implants.

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