Exams and X-Rays

dental x ray


It is recommended that both children and adult see their dentist once every six months. Those who are at greater risk for oral diseases may require more frequent dental visits. A check-up allows your dentist to assess your overall oral health and it is very important in detecting early problems like cavities and gum disease.

Our Comprehensive Dental Exam assesses each and every aspect concerning your oral health.

  • General Dental Exam (teeth)

  • Head and Neck Cancer Exam (soft tissues of the mouth, throat and the surrounding structures)

  • Occlusal Exam (bite analysis)

  • TMJ Exam (temporomandibular joint or jaw joints)

  • Radiographic Exam (x-rays and other scans)

  • Salivary Function Exam (quantity and quality of saliva)

  • Aesthetic Exam (appearance of the teeth and gums)

Each person has unique needs. We will go over all treatment plans and payment preferences with you. You don't need to put off consultations and treatments any longer. We are here to help you strategize preventive and treatment options customized to meet your personal health demands.


A set of x-rays are among the most vital tools dentists use for keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Radiographs or x-ray images play a key role in diagnosing problems associated with the structures of the teeth, jaw and the mouth. For adults, x-rays can show areas of decay that may not be visible with visual examinations alone. They are used to find cracks, bone loss during gum disease and other abnormalities like cysts or any other changes linked with systemic illnesses. They are utilized in planning and preparing treatment such as orthodontics and implants. For children, x-rays are more commonly used to monitor tooth growth and development and to detect and prevent the early signs of tooth decay.

To prevent overexposure of our patients to X-rays, we only use X-ray Equipment that is known for its low exposure. We even use lead blankets that reduce your exposure to X-rays to a nearly negligible amount.


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