Root Canal Treatment

root canal tretament

A 'root canal' is the term that refers to the natural cavity or space within the root of the tooth. It is made up of the pulp chamber which lies in the centre of the tooth and provides nutrients and nerves to each part of the tooth and the 'canals' that connect the bottom of the root of the tooth to the pulp chamber.

A cavity in the tooth leaves an opening where bacteria can enter and multiply. Left without treatment, these bacteria cause infections of the root canals, killing the nerves and blood vessels inside a tooth and form pockets or abscesses filled with pus at the roots of the tooth. This causes severe pain and swelling that could spread to other areas of the face or head. Serious infections can cause harm to the rest of your body also. This is why we usually advise having regular 6 monthly check ups to control even the smallest cavities from becoming root canal infections.

If a cavity has involved the root canals, a root canal is a procedure is done to treat and save a tooth that is damaged, infected or badly decayed. The treatment involves

(1) removal of the damaged nerves, blood vessels and pulp and

(2) cleaning and sealing the infected area inside the tooth. Because we care about the comfort of our patients, we work hard to ensure that this procedure is pain free.

We are happy to admit that many patients have a nap while we are performing this procedure.

Teeth can become damaged and infected due to severe decay, repeated dental procedures, cracks, or because of trauma to the face. Constant pain, swelling and tenderness of the gums, prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold and discoloration of the tooth are signs that one may need a root canal treatment. A visit to Dental World Panmure will best determine the ways to deal with each particular case in the most precise and comfortable way.

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